Læs dansk udgave Read Danish version.

At Promentum, we believe that companies have an obligation to lead the way toward a more sustainable society. One where economic understanding and greater societal awareness go hand in hand.

We want to actively contribute to this by doing our best for the world – in daily life at Promentum and throughout our entire journey.

We feel a special responsibility toward the people we work with every day, toward the society we are a part of, and we also have a responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place.

We are therefore committed to the following:


  • Our interactions with people must be based – in every imaginable context – on human equality and decency in relationships.
  • We must always strive to see what is special in the individual – and to value it.
  • We must help the individual to unleash their potential and create a meaningful work life.


We will:

  • Lead the way in the development of new work forms, new organizational forms and new management cultures that optimally meet the needs of the future.
  • Contribute to a democratic and diverse Denmark.
  • Help NGOs and other organizations that are working to make the world a better place.

We will NOT:

  • Help people, companies or organizations that cause, through harmful products or ruthless behavior, harm to their surroundings or the world… unless they expressly want help to change their ways.

And at Promentum we are committed to NEVER allowing financial priorities to take precedence over the above principles.