Nynne Nørgaard Jensen

Project management and graphic facilitation

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I am interested in the social aspect of organizations. I contribute by nudging the culture in a more socially sustainable direction, where there is respectful room for being human. I do this by inspiring and strengthening individuals and organizations so they can establish the necessary structure for a more sustainable culture. I believe the key to increasing social sustainability within organizations lies in designing workflows and cultures based on a deeper understanding of our human biology and psyche, our behavior and how the human mind works. If these factors are not taken into account, people within the organization are more likely to resist change and thereby become unnecessarily inefficient and unhappy.

I work in-depth with graphic facilitation, including teaching others how to draw useful icons, symbols and templates that can optimize their communication by making it more stimulating, easier to understand and ultimately more engaging and effective.

I can help with:

  • Teaching and developing skills in people who work with project-related tasks
  • Strengthening individuals and organizations, focusing on socially sustainable cultures and awareness of the impact of human biology and mental energy
  • Teaching graphic facilitation

About Nynne

Nynne holds a degree in cultural encounters and work-life studies and is a certified coach. She is also a qualified Kaospilot and entrepreneur and has lived, studied and worked in Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Tanzania and South Africa. And it is these experiences from many different work cultures that have inspired Nynne’s work to create healthier and more sustainable organizations.

In addition to being an organizational ninja, Nynne practices martial arts and if you ask her, she would say “it’s important to take care of yourself and your body so you can always be the best possible version of yourself”.

Nynne Nørgaard Jensen Nynne Nørgaard Jensen