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Implementation Program

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Lots of organizations are good at delivering development projects of a high standard. The challenge is to implement the changes and strategies in the working day so that they make a lasting impact.

Promentum’s implementation program gives you the knowledge, tools and methodologies you need to generate results and enthusiasm within the organization in the short term but also to ensure integration into your structure and culture in the longer term. The program qualifies you to work as an implementation manager and will enable you to plan, lead and implement a change that makes a lasting impact.

Who is this program for?

The program is for people who are already entrusted with large-scale change projects, or who are facing their very first change project and are looking to develop and strengthen their personal implementation and change management skills.

Date & location

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Your course program

Module 1: Implementation and tailoring change to the users
You will learn about implementation and what you need to do to design your implementation project to comply with the latest neuroscience research. From the very beginning, your implementation project will work from the outside in.

Module 2: Change management and the implementation plan
You will learn to set relevant behavioral goals and outcome targets for your project and create a strict implementation plan to ensure that you take an all-round approach. We also give you methods to ensure management’s backing for your project.

Module 3: Everyday implementation and managing ‘resistance’
We give you the latest, research-based knowledge about, and methods for, ushering change into the remotest corners of everyday life – and we introduce the use of change agents. You will learn how to spot, understand and manage resistance to change in your implementation project.

Module 4: Tailor your communication to the users
You will learn how to formulate a compelling core narrative about your project, how to ensure symmetry in your messages and how to make a plan to support it. You will also practice how to hold a captivating presentation, based on the latest neuroscience research, to ensure that your messages are clearly received by stakeholders.

DKK 39,500, excl. VAT.

What will you gain?

Theory and Knowledge
Insight into the latest international knowledge about implementation, change management, anthropology-inspired methods and neuroscience research.

Knowledge, Tools & Methodologies
Knowledge, tools and methodologies for planning, leading and implementing a change project that will create a lasting impact.

Strengthen your own change project
You will work intensively on your own change project after drawing up your implementation plan. You will execute the plan and have the opportunity to test a range of implementation methodologies and tools, which can then be incorporated into your daily practice.

Strengthen your role as an implementation manager
You will identify your development potential, with yourself as the leader of change, by practicing and receiving feedback on yourself as a leader, facilitator and communicator.

Mentoring and Networking
During the training program, you will have plenty of opportunity to discuss, network and share knowledge with implementation managers in other organizations.

Your course program

DKK 39,500, excl. VAT.

Module 1

Implementation and tailoring change to the users

2 days

Module 2

Change management and the implementation plan

2 days

Module 3

Everyday implementation and managing ‘resistance’

2 days

Module 4

Tailor your communication to users

2 days


Methodology & structure

In order to ensure that the knowledge you gain during the course leads to concrete action in your work, the training program is based on your everyday work and your change project. The course focuses on practical training, discussion and feedback. Before the course begins you must prepare a development plan together with your manager.

This program spans a period of six months and comprises four two-day modules. There are five to six weeks between each module to give you the opportunity to work with the theory in practice. The final exam is a practical exercise. You will design an implementation project in one day, using all of the tools and methodologies introduced on the course. This allows you to try everything you learned in a cohesive sequence..



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DKK 39,500, excl. VAT.