Lederudvikling af nye ledere

Leadership development for new managers

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Get the tools, theory and practical knowledge you need to avoid failure in your new role as a manager. On this course, you will be working with the topics that are most important to you as a new manager, so that you can develop and master your leadership role. One of the unique elements of this course is the opportunity to focus on your identity as a leader and your faith in yourself in your leadership role.

The course will introduce relevant theories and key concepts to help you in your reflection process and to understand a manager’s world. You will be given specific tools which you will practice using and learn to apply.

The course is also relevant if you have been a manager for several years but have not participated in a management training program before.

Leadership is multi-faceted. On this course, you will be working with a broad range of topics: conversation skills training, group and team leadership, conflict management, change management, leadership inward, upward and outward, and leadership-related dilemmas and issues.

Who is this program for?

The course is primarily aimed at people who have become managers within the last year or who are just about to move into the role. It is also relevant if you have not previously attended a management training course.

Date & location

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Professional themes covered by this training program

Conversation skills training
You will be introduced to coaching, difficult conversations and meeting facilitation.

Group and team leadership
This focuses on practicing the ability to facilitate good development within your group or team.

Conflict management
You will practice understanding the basic dynamics of conflicts and how best to manage them.

Change management
You will be working with change management and how you, as a manager, best help your employees through the jungle of change processes in their jobs.

Lead yourself (inward)
Your leadership role and your position in your context and organization take center stage, and you will be focusing on these key themes: your authority and legitimacy, your transition from colleague to leader, leadership identity, leadership style, values, mindset.

Leading upward and outward
In addition to leading yourself and your employees, you will become more aware of how to interact with your own manager and how to handle strategic decisions from above.

Leadership dilemmas and issues
In your role as a leader, dilemmas and issues will constantly come knocking on your door. It is therefore important that, as a new manager, you gain an understanding of these and learn how to handle them.

What will you gain?

Theory & Knowledge
Insight into internationally recognized theory and knowledge in the fields of leadership, team leadership, conflict management, change management, etc.

Knowledge, Tools & Methodologies
You will be given tools to help you handle the many facets of leadership that you will face in your working day. You will learn to lead yourself and your employees and you will practice how to handle conversations, conflicts and dilemmas and to manage change.

Thorough understanding of your leadership style
During the course of the program, you will work intensively with your leadership identity and your faith in yourself in the leadership role, and you will discover your own leadership model, which includes your values, mindset, etc.

Methodology & Structure

The course involves a good deal of training and reflection, both during the workshops and in your daily practice as a manager. This is to ensure that what you learn on the course can be carried into your daily leadership activities, which are always in focus when you do homework assignments, are at workshops and work on specific reflection tasks.

While participating in the program, you will be part of a network group which meets between workshops. This is a forum where you and other new managers can discuss your issues and successes. At each meeting, you will be given a task related to the themes you work with on the course.



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